The year 2023 was extremely intense and successful for us. Throughout the year, we worked on our Eden app which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach about wild edible plants. Here are the most important events and achievements that took place in the past year:

In January 2023, we held the first fundraiser, which ended successfully and we sold Edencoins for 65,000 dollars. This was a great result, considering the market sentiment at the time when bitcoin cost around 16,000 dollars. After the fundraiser, we focused on working on the public version of our app which was supposed to be ready in mid-year.

During this time, we gained a lot of popularity in the media. We gave an interview on one of the largest online TV stations in Poland — Biznes Misja which was watched by over 80,000 viewers. Our app was also reviewed by Maciek from 321Crypto, one of the biggest influencers in the cryptocurrency industry in Poland. We thank Maciek for his support and advice to this day and the entire Tiger Brigade.

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Interview on Biznes Misja channel

In February, we participated in the CryptoSphere conference where, together with Tubbly, we talked about the new trend — DiscoverToEarn and earning money by discovering the world.

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Eden&Tubbly at CryptoSphere

In March, we appeared on the national Polish Television during a live interview and on several other nationwide TV and radio stations, including:

TVP3 Katowice
TVP3 Wrocław
TVP3 Łódź
TVP3 Warsaw (interview with herbalist Paulina Szmerk, creator of Herba Sfero)
Radio Czwórka
TVP3 Poznań
Anty Radio
Chilli Zet
Radio ZET
Radio Prague
Gazeta Agora

We appeared in public media more than 40 times and it was the result of cooperation with the PR Agency FACE!T whose goal was to build brand awareness of Eden.

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Eden on national television

We had the opportunity to meet you at Invest Cuffs in ICE Krakow. As usual, we had the opportunity to talk to Maciej Tomczyk from KryptoEkipa who was very helpful to us throughout the past year.

In the meantime, you could see the progress of work on the public version of the Eden app. We shared current recordings of the creation process.

In May, we had the opportunity to perform at NBX, one of the largest industry conferences in Europe. You could listen to us on the main stage during the pitch contest.

The second fundraiser took place in May on Synapse and the Kanga exchange. We thank you for your support and appreciate the involvement of the Kanga team and Sławek Zawadzki. During the fundraiser, we implemented the crypto-fiat gateway from ARI10 again. We sold Edencoins for 37,000$.

In the same month, we started cooperation with The Birb Nest, a group of experts from the cryptocurrency industry who helped us in promoting our project. We are glad that we can count on their experience and knowledge.

In July, we had the opportunity to appear on Grzegorz Kusz’s channel, together with Paweł, the creator of the largest mushroom channel in Poland, to announce the launch of the Eden app. The interview was watched by over 90,000 viewers, we received hundreds of positive comments and it translated into a great interest in the project.

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Eden on Grzegorz Kusz’s channel

On July 12, we achieved our main goal and launched the Eden app. It was the most important day of the year for us. On the first day, you downloaded our app over 2000 times, and after a few days, we were one of the most searched apps in the “lifestyle” category.

After the launch, we set off on a tour through the largest cities in Poland, to mark wild edible plants in your cities together. It was a great time among wonderful people with whom we could exchange experiences. We are glad that this is just the beginning of our adventure.

More health experts joined our team, including herbalists, a mycology and biohacking expert, and the movement with whom we will work on new materials and courses for Eden users.

In September, we had the opportunity to meet at the CryptoSphere conference. Huge thanks to the organizer Jola, the creator of the Silver Star channel, for her support, professional knowledge, industry experts, atmosphere and after party where we had the opportunity to meet Eden users.

The end of the year started preparations for the launch of the DiscoverToEarn function in 2024 and the next rounds of funding and distribution of Edencoin.

Another opportunity to meet you was at the MetalVerse conference, which we were the media patron of.

At the end of 2023, we could find over 11,000 plants on the map, and most of them were fruit trees. Users added plants not only in Poland but also in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia, Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and France.

These are just some of our achievements in 2023. We are happy that together with you we are changing the world for the better. Thank you for being with us and for your involvement in the Eden project. Together we create a community of people who care about their health and environment. In 2024, we are facing new challenges and innovations that will surely surprise and inspire you.

Good is in our nature! 🌿

Join the unique Eden community, full of enthusiasts and people living close to nature.