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A new $EDEN tokenomics
is coming:

powered by $EDEN token

Our tokenomics is an Eco-system

We use 25% of the company’s profit from B2B & B2C to buyback the $EDEN token.

Buyback contributes to the DiscoverToEarn fund, which encourages users to use Eden by rewarding them.

Our users are mainly non-crypto and most of tokens distributed among DiscoverToEarn users will be used as payment in Green Marketplace.

This increases the number of users, which attracts more partners, farmers and companies to monetize on Eden, increasing our revenues from B2B & B2C, which then increases buyback and this cycle repeats.

Discover to Earn fund

The map will be marked with “paid zones” within which users will be rewarded each time they mark a plant on the map. Paid Zones will allow us to scale, control and direct traffic in Eden. Once the target number of plants in a Zone has been marked, it will be disabled.