Today we want to share with you the key elements of our Go to Market strategy to give you a better understanding of how we plan to scale Eden.

Collaboration with Influencers

Our main goal is to collaborate with influencers and creators in the health sector on social media platforms. Our strategy is based on partnering with influencers who are experts in their fields, such as mycology, natural medicine, preparing healthy meals, supporting pet health, or natural methods of children’s treatment. Through this collaboration, influencers create content for Eden users, sharing their knowledge and educating them. This gives influencers the opportunity to reach a new community (Eden users), where they can promote their products and services. In return, they also create content about Eden on their channels, allowing us to gain mutual community flow. For example, in our team, we have Paweł, the creator of the largest channel in Poland dedicated to mushrooms Paweł will promote Eden and share his knowledge of mycology among our users. Additionally, we will promote his in-person workshops and provide the opportunity for monetizing his knowledge.

Benefits of this strategy:

  • Cost-effective user acquisition
  • Increased community flow
  • Mutual collaboration with influencers
  • Building hype around the brand
  • Access for the Eden community to experts’ knowledge and health enthusiasts
  • Reaching new audience groups through influencers and a tool for monetizing their services/products

Targeted Content Marketing Campaign for Different Audience Groups

Furthermore, our marketing strategy focuses on activities in web2 and includes various age groups and types of our audience. The channels we will use are TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and display ads.
The development of Eden among non-crypto users means greater buybacks, increased adoption, and faster growth.

Kasia Brych is responsible for our brand communication strategy:

I am a creative director with years of experience in the advertising
industry. My adventure in this field began in 2006. I graduated in
Psychology from the Jagiellonian University, specializing in Advertising
Psychology. I graduated with honors from the Krakow Screenwriting
School. I have experience in ATL, BTL, digital, and social media
communication for long-term clients such as Media Markt, Raiffeisen
Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Hortex, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nutella,
Dermika, Samsung Service, Redd’s, and many more.

Are you curious about the details of our web2 communication strategy? The most important thing is to understand our audience.
Below, we present a description of one of our target groups along with our communication methodology.