This place can be compared to eBay, but it’s dedicated exclusively to natural, healthy products and local farmers.

We are creating a sales platform within our app where companies, influencers, and manufacturers can sell and monetize their healthy products and services to Eden users. The payment methods on the platform will be Edencoins and FIAT. The Marketplace adds additional utility to the Edencoin in our ecosystem, motivating users to tag plants in the app, collect rewards for mapping them, and use Eden. We connect new generations with producers of healthy products and farmers, thus creating an ecosystem beneficial for both parties.

We want to show you how high the demand is for such solutions. Here are some data:

  • In the category of vitamins and dietary supplements on eBay, there are 510,000 offers, and on Allegro, there are 590,000.
  • In the category of natural medicines on eBay, there are 512,000 offers, and on Allegro, 432,000.
  • When it comes to healthy food, there are 831,000 offers on eBay and 334,000 on Allegro.

In total, as of February 20th, there were around 3.2 million active auctions in the mentioned categories.

Most of our users are non-crypto, so most of the Edencoins distributed among users for tagging plants will be used as payment for products. This mechanism makes our Marketplace unique and beneficial for exhibitors because we ensure liquidity of funds and gather their target group.

  • Possibility of payment in FIAT and Edencoins
  • 25% of our profits go towards buying back Edencoins from the exchange

The Green Marketplace will become a place where you will find everything you need for a healthy and eco-friendly life.

Recommend to us producers of healthy products that you know or whose products you use, and we will contact them to propose cooperation.

Stay tuned for more information on our blog and social media! 🌿💚