Rainlands | GemPad:
So how we usually like to start the AMAs off is with an introduction about yourself as well as the rest of the team, feel free to provide as much information as you’d like, you can also tie this together to how you found yourself in DeFi and how the road has been like for you so far.

Marcin | EDEN:
Thanks for your question.
I will copy a short description of several members of our team, and if you are interested in getting to know the whole team, you can find us in GreenPaper and on the website.

I have 7 years of experience in leading IT projects, including projects for BMW, Alphabet, and GETIN BANK.

Responsible for marketing activities is Kasia Brych. She has received prestigious industry awards such as KTR and Kreatury, Gold Eagles, and Effie. She has worked for Media Markt, Raiffeisen Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Hortex, Nescafé, Nutella, and others.

Asia Adamiak is our PR specialist, she is the CEO of the FaceIT PR agency in Warsaw. She is a member of the American Unified Strategies Public Relations, which brings together several dozen PR entities, including those from the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Israel or Great Britain.

Our machine learning engineer is Paweł Sopicki with over a decade of experience in High Energy Physics. He has Big Data and Data Science skills and holds a PhD based on Machine Learning methods. He also collaborates with universities in Poland.

3 devs-senior developers with extensive experience in web3.

Our team also includes health experts such as herbalists and mycologists.

Rainlands | GemPad:
So with us already getting into the short introduction, let’s continue with the idea behind Eden, what made you want to redefine the interaction everyone has with nature?
In addition to that, what did you want to accomplish when starting out with Eden?

Marcin | EDEN:
For several years, our interests have been health, natural medicine and new technologies. Research around the world shows that being cut off from nature causes health and physical problems.
Too little movement and improper diet cause civilization diseases, which are responsible for 90% premature deaths!

At the same time, an increasingly aware consumer wants good quality products and turns to natural methods of treatment.
All this means that we live in a time where people want to reconnect with nature, and Eden combines it with new technology and fun exploring the map.

Our mission is to reconnect people with nature and provide access to natural medicine & healthy food and products.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Perfect, I truly believe that this is a fresh approach on the utility standpoint and furthermore ties together to solving quite a few problems that occur in real life, so a perfect implementation

Now let’s talk about the Eden app, so the currently live application that is already available for users to engage with on both Play Store as well as the App Store.

Let’s start it all off with some basics here, let’s say the introduction for the application, what are all of the things you can do it, how can you map plants, everything that users need to know for the entire process, if you can do a rundown on that please.

Marcin | EDEN:
In our application, the main function is the ability to mark on the map and navigate to wild edible plants (like apple, pear, plum, nuts, raspberries, berries, wild roses, herbs and more) available to the public in parks, cities, forests and meadows.
In Eden you will find a Knowledge Base with wild edible plants, a Wild Pharmacy function with a recipe for creating your own medicines from herbs that grow near you and a Wild Kitchen function with recipes from wild edible plants.

Additionally, we are creating a Marketplace (it’s like eBay but only for healthy products) where farmers, companies and producers of healthy products will be able to sell their products.
On the Marketplace, payment will be available via FIAT and edencoins.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Awesome, in my humble opinion it’s something that works together in harmony, so with the introduction of the app also offering recipes for the utilization of plants of your choice (well even herbs and spices), I can also see the benefits of the Green marketplace here, so wanted to say it’s a great concept before we continue

Regarding some stats about the Eden app, so the ones that are already available for the public, quite impressive during the period of time that the app has been available to the public.

Just for all of the accurate up to date information on stats, so users, plants and maybe even countries, could you walk us through the statistics?

Marcin | EDEN:
Yes, Eden is an application that is already working and our main audience is non-crypto users.
Three months after its launch, approximately 7,000 users used Eden, and the first plants were marked in 19 countries (including England, Germany, France, Belgium, and more)
We started in Poland and here, in most large cities across the country about 10,000 wild, edible plants were marked, most of which are fruit trees.
In the next season, Eden will enter other European markets.

As you can see, you will find marked plants practically all over our country. Eden has great potential and has been positively verified by the market.
Other countries are only a matter of time and marketing campaigns that we plan to launch in the upcoming phase of the project after the upcoming sale.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Amazing, I always like to see some stats and a product live before the token launch so that’s great to here!

To continue, I wanted to ask you about the procedure that is used to map plants, so to help with accurate mapping as best as possible, could you do a short rundown?

Marcin | EDEN:
Thanks for this question! It is very important.

We want all people to benefit from nature, especially those who do not know what wild edible plants look like and do not know where they grow and what health properties they have. For this purpose, Eden will use AI that will help recognize the plant species from the photo, so that our user knows what kind of plant it is and what health properties it has. Currently, our AI collects photos of edible plants and learns to recognize them.

Currently, In our Knowledge Base you can find photos and descriptions of plants (it works like a plant atlas) so you can learn about all the edible plants around you.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Perfect, by the way as we’re talking here I did wanna mention that I love the included screenshots with your replies, truly makes it more engaging and helps the community to understand about the entire process even more, so thank you for that!

In addition to the previous question, I’d also like to dive into the aspect of mistakes, after all they can happen to anyone, so let’s dive into an example to make things easier for you.

I would once again like to map a specific plant I found outside, let’s say that even with your technology and all the help I have available at my disposal, there is an error, perhaps resulting in mapping being accurate.

Do you vet entries in the system before they get accepted, or do you have another process in place you’d like to mention here?

Marcin | EDEN:
Plant verification on the map will soon have more control stages.

These will be:
-the ability for users to rate the plant — for which we will also reward users.
-AI verification when adding a plant to the map (AI will have to recognize a given species from the photo to add it to the map)
-map moderation by our admins

Rainlands | GemPad:
Amazing, it’s definitely good you have all of the above mentioned factors set in place to truly make it as accurate as possible, it seems like you did your due diligence and I’m sure that our community members will appreciate that fact more than anything else as well!

Now for the encouragement aspect, which I’m sure comes as no surprise would be rewarding of fellow supporters that do their part and engage with the app.

Once the token will be listed on a decentralized exchange, so once it launches let’s just say, will Eden be the only currency that you can get rewarded with, or are you also planning on adding other tokens, perhaps stablecoins if people wish to have alternatives?

Marcin | EDEN:
Firstly, Eden will be available not only on DEX, but also on CEX.

And yes, edencoin will be the only reward, but most of our users are non-crypto people who will not sell edencoin on the exchange because they do not have such knowledge — these users will spend edencoin in our Marketplace to buy healthy products.

Rewarding users is our expansion strategy that we will be promoting heavily on web2 this year.
For that users, our edencoins will be like shopping points that they collect for example at a gas station and exchange for prizes.

Rainlands | GemPad:
I did wanna say with the feedback from your side, that it works perfectly to potentially educate non Web3 users, considering the crowd is more so non Web3 users right now, i think it truly serves as a great entry point for newcomers to get to know about the process if they ever wish to earn with Edencoins

Now since we’re talking about those users, I know you’ll offer some activities and services directly on the app, so something that could generate revenue towards your business.

So paid advertisements for farmers and companies, workshops for users, etc

Feel free to do a rundown on all of the services you’ll be providing as part of this.

Marcin | EDEN:
We will have several sources of income:

-we expect the highest fee income from our in-app sales platform- the Green Marketplace.
-We are also working on a subscription that will expand the app’s functionality.
-Internal advertising system with personalized ads.
-Paid ads for farmers.
-Own brand with our high-quality health products.
-Health experts courses.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Since we do have quite a lot of community questions ready to go, I’ll just continue with 2 more things I wanted to talk about and then I’ll get those questions forwarded here so potential investors can get all the relevant information:)

So if you pay with Eden tokens for a service of your choice, it then gets redistributed for Discover to earn rewards, some of it is going towards the budget of Eden, even staking and burn.

So to have as much information as possible, I’d like to ask for the distribution of those fees generated on the platform if we’re talking about paying in Eden tokens.

Marcin | EDEN:

This graph shows the circulation of the token.
Please note that for 25% of the profit from each purchase action (all Eden’s company income), goes into a buyback, which will then be distributed:

-80% will go back to the Discover2Earn fund
-15% will go to the staking pool
-5% will be burned

Rainlands | GemPad:
Very clear and easy to understand, much appreciated!

And last up before those community questions I wanted to quickly focus on your Green marketplace as well, so kind of like eBay for healthy products like we already talked about

What is the process of listing a product of your choosing on the Green Marketplace, how do you ensure everything is up to par with standards before sellers can actually sell their product to the public?

And how is the development process looking like so far, any estimated date of release set in stone already?

Marcin | EDEN:
Last year and currently, we have been holding meetings with health influencers and producers of healthy products (over 90% of the partners we talk to are willing to cooperate with us and sell their products and services on the Green Marketplace because they see our potential).

The most important thing for us is to maintain the high quality of products on the Marketplace, which is why we are currently holding live and online meetings with partners. There will also be detailed categories and filters allowing users to search for products according to detailed guidelines, such as crop certificates, plant categories, etc.

The market potential is very large. The current number of offers is 3.2 million (only on 2 of the 10 largest marketplaces in Europe- eBay & Allegro) in the categories: vitamins and dietary supplements, natural medicine and healthy food. Most of these are offers from the Polish market. When it comes to Europe, these numbers are several times higher.

Rainlands | GemPad:
Thank you very much, I think this for sure brings some extra clarity on how you’re approaching things with your marketplace and I’m looking forward to seeing the quality products listed on it, appreciate your time and effort to answer all of my questions!

Now we shall continue to the community question part of today’s AMA

quite a lot of dms i received so I do apologize to everyone that cannot get an answer to their questions

Marcin | EDEN:
Thank you for all your questions!

YouTube player

I invite you to check our video and download the Eden application and join our social media:
Website: www.OurEden.io
Eden in AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/eden/id1554518509?l=pl
Eden in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.oureden
Telegram: https://t.me/edenchatpl

Rainlands | GemPad Alright Marcin so let me start it off with community question #1

Every country or society has different uses of plants with reference to culture. The use and need of plants differs from one culture and country to another. How will you organize the explanation with reference to the society or culture to which the user belongs?

Marcin | EDEN:
We cooperate with health experts such as herbalists and mycologists. We rely solely on the knowledge of specialists from a given region.
As Eden expands to other countries, it is necessary to acquire more health experts in these countries — we are attractive to them because they can build their brand in Eden, sell their products and reach a new community. You can check our GO TO MARKET strategy here: https://tiny.pl/dmk35

Now on to community question #2

Hey rainlands again , so from the tokenomics I gathered there are multiple token unlocks scheduled like 5%/month and 10%/month after TGE. In a scenario where the token gets listed but lacks buy-side demand, what repercussions could this unlocking schedule have on the circulating supply and market pressures?

Marcin | EDEN:
We have developed anti-inflation mechanisms to protect our investors from an excessive supply of EdenCoins in the market. The map will be marked with “paid zones” in cities, parks, forests near cities, within which users will be rewarded each time they mark a plant on the map. Paid Zones will allow for scaling and controlling the distribution. Once the target number of plants in a Paid Zone has been marked, it will be disabled. Eden users will still be able to add new plants free of charge.

The team has locked tokens for a year and then vesting 10%/month.
The marketing pool also has a vesting of 5%/month.

Our tokenomics is built for big buybacks, so we expect a lot of buying pressure on our side.

Next question:

“User profile and function suggesting local herbs for indicated symptoms”
I want more clarity on this statement. Does it mean that users would be given to license to produce or manufacture herbal medicines with the use of local herbs?
Would it be open to all users considering that not everyone is qualified for this?

Marcin | EDEN:
This function selects local herbs for the symptoms of the disease you enter. Example: enter “fever” and you will receive a suggestion of several local herbs and information on how you can prepare your own medicine for your own use.

The recipe database is built by qualified herbalists.

As for your question about the sale of medical products in Eden, it depends on you and the law. Generally, in Eden you will be able to sell your product to other users on the Marketplace, but this depends on the law in your country. For example, in Poland it is allowed.