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Good is in our Nature

Tag or navigate to nearby wild, edible plants and earn crypto.

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players in 2018

earned from its launch


Real map


caches posted per year



copies of GTA V sold

one of the best-selling game in the world




World’s first application created in the DISCOVER TO EARN trend in which we reward users for locating wild, edible plants on a real map.

We connect crypto & non-crypto community.


No entry barriers for non-crypto & crypto​


Discover & earn


Natural medicine education
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Working product

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plants on the map
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the first plants have already been marked

World’s first application

in which we reward users for locating wild,
edible plants worldwide.

When curiosity grows…

it’s worth finding a source of valuable information.

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Knowledge base

Learn about all the edible plants, how to identify them, learn about their health benefits and find out when they will be ready for harvest. Ask and get an answer from our AI assistant.

Wild pharmacy

Find natural recipes for holistic medication made from plants that grow next to you locally. The “What are your symptoms?” function will help you select the right herbs for your symptoms.

Wild kitchen

Wild Kitchen contains recipes for meals made from harvested plants.

Powered by AI

Plant identification from photo

Verification of the species added to the map (checking the correctness of marked places and managing the location database)

AI assistant connected to the knowledge base who will answer users questions

Tokenomics/token distribution

Token Total Supply: 7,200,000,000
Hard cap: 1,694,000 $

Private sale: 80k$ (01.2023) / price 0,00077$
Pre sale1: 100k$ (07.2023) & 20k$ (Q1 2024)/ price 0,000825$
Pre sale2: 300k$ / price 0,000935$
Public sale: 1,194 mln$ / price 0,0011$

TGE* – not applies to private sale and pre-sale1. That sales  has 100% TGE due to the limit of payments up to $1,000


Buybacks, burns, stake

Usecase for non-crypto ppl

FIAT - Edencoin gateway

2021 - seed
2022 - germination
2023 - growth
2024 - fructification
Zawiązanie teamu
Praca koncepcyjna

Eden v1.0
Eden testy wewnętrzne
Budowanie bazy wiedzy o roślinach
Profil użytkownika oraz funkcja sugerująca lokalne zioła na wskazane dolegliwości

Eden v1.5
Eden testy wewnętrzne

Powiększenie zespołu o kwalifikowaną zielarkę do budowania bazy wiedzy o ziołach.
Rozwój zespołu
Eden v2.0

Opracowanie koncepcji marketingowych
Wersja testowa

Otwarcie naboru testerów
Rozwój Bazy Wiedzy
Opracowanie materiałów funkcji Dzika Apteka i Dzika Kuchnia

Private sale early investors round1
Rozwój Dzikiej Kuchni
Development aplikacji
Ogłoszenie partnerstw
Rozwój funkcjonalności
Private sale round2
Rozbudowa Bazy Wiedzy
Współpraca z influencerami

Kampania marketingowa
Public sale
Dystrybucja tokenów
Dex listing
Uruchomienie aplikacji Eden

Rozwój zespołu
Uruchomienie sklepu wewnątrz aplikacji
Funkcja beta bigdata AI do rozpoznawania roślin
Funkcja targowisko
Tworzenie kursów edukacyjnych

Uruchomienie systemy reklamowego
Optymalizacja AI
Ekspansja międzynarodowa Brand partnerstwa
Sklepy stacjonarne EDEN


The Green Marketplace is like eBay for healthly products.

We are making an in-app sales platform where companies, influencers and manufacturers can sell and monetize their healthy products and services to Eden users.

Our users are mainly non-crypto and most of the edencoins distributed among DiscoverToEarn users will be used as payment for products.

The Green Marketplace is attractive to our partners because we ensure liquidity of funds and gather their target group.

We connect new generations with producers of healthy products.


Eden v1.0 MVP

Building plant knowledge base

User profile and function suggesting local herbs for indicated symptoms

Eden v1.5
Eden v2.0

Open public testing

Development of Wild Pharmacy features

Development of Wild Kitchen features

Development of application
Private sale round

PR marketing campaign

Pre sale1

Eden app launch (android + iOS)
Pre sale2

Integration of farmers

Development of a team of health experts

Public sale

Token distribution

DEX + CEX listing

Discover To Earn launch


AI assistant
International expansion

Creation of educational courses


AI beta function for plant recognition

Doxxed team

Slide Background
Marcin Jastrzębski


I have 8 years of experience in running an interactive agency and in building and managing IT projects for companies and corporations, including BMW, GETIN BANK, ALPHABET. I am a co-founder of the BMI group. My passion is natural medicine and Ayurveda.
Slide Background
Marcin Jerominek


For years I have been interested in the international economic situation and the cryptocurrency market, my passion is traveling and exploring wild areas. I have extensive knowledge of healthy nutrition and medicinal properties of plants. I am also interested in prepering, and Eden is a complement to my passion.
Slide Background
Katarzyna Brych

creative director

I am a creative director with many years of experience in the advertising industry. I started my adventure with marketing in 2006. I graduated with a degree in Psychology at Jagiellonian University, specializing in Psychology of Advertising.
I graduated with honors from the Cracow School of Screenwriting. My credits include ATL, BTL, digital communications and SM for long-standing clients such as Media Markt, Raiffeisen Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Hortex, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nutella, Dermika, Samsung Service, and Redd’s.
I have won prestigious industry awards: including KTR and Kreatury, Golden Eagles and Effie.
I like to work on insights, look for creativity in the simplest of messages and combine technology with creative approaches. I am intrigued by challenges which come my way and am looking for new ways for communication.
Slide Background
Joanna Adamiak

PR specialist

I deal with media relations, influencer marketing and celebrity marketing. I have 14 years of experience in PR and communication. I graduated with honors from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (specialization in PR and media marketing) and sociology at the ISNS faculty at the University Warsaw. I am a co-founder of SAPR – the Association of Public Relations Agencies, which brings together several dozen Polish PR agencies, where I am the chairman of the Supervisory Board. I am a member of the American association USPR (Unified Strategies Public Relations), which brings together several dozen PR entities, including from the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Israel and Great Britain.
Slide Background
Fabian Witkowski


I am an architect and designer of web and mobile applications with over 10 years of experience. I am fluent in Flutter, React, TypeScript, Node.js and Web3. I only recognize clean code and pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics and UX of the applications I create. He is interested in architecture and utility design. I love cycling.
Slide Background
Martyna Wątroba

graphic designer

I am a computer graphic designer with 7 years of experience. I create branding, websites, animations, illustrations. I have been running my own digital graphics studio, Mukla Studio, for a year now. Potted plants are my passion. I have nearly 70 specimens in my collection, and caring for them is my way of relaxing.
Slide Background
Paulina Szmerk

Manages the Knowledge Base and Wild Pharmacy departments

I am a lover of natural therapies, herbalist and a hemp enthusiast. My fascination with the world of plants led me to pursue postgraduate studies in herbal medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Currently, I am deepening my knowledge at the Polish Institute of Herbalism and Natural Therapy in the naturopathic program. I specialize in aromatherapy, cannabis therapy. I appreciate the impact of food on our lives, and as a dietary advisor, I help people introduce more vegetables, herbs, hemp, and wild edible plants into their daily diets. I strongly believe in a holistic approach to health and the power of nature.
Slide Background
Maria Stawska

Photographer and Social Media Specialist

I create content for social media. I take care of my presence on social media platforms, I photograph products, events and people. I am curious about the world, my passion is the observation of human behavior, reality and the direction we are heading. I have been close to nature since I was a child, privately I am passionate about botany and collect plants, and after hours I study psychology at the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw.
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Paweł i Grzyby

specjalizacja: grzyby

Witam wszystkich na moim kanale YouTube “Pawel i Grzyby” Wracam po kradzieży konta. 🙂 Ten kanał jest stworzony dla Was (Miłośników grzybów) Przedstawiam w nim różne gatunki grzybów i wiele innych ciekawostek o królestwie grzybów. Większość bohaterów grzybowych w moich filmach pochodzi z okolicznych lasów, czyli Śląsk i Małopolska. Życzę miłego oglądania. Pozdrawiam Paweł i Grzyby
Slide Background
Paweł i Grzyby

specjalizacja: grzyby

Witam wszystkich na moim kanale YouTube “Pawel i Grzyby” Wracam po kradzieży konta. 🙂 Ten kanał jest stworzony dla Was (Miłośników grzybów) Przedstawiam w nim różne gatunki grzybów i wiele innych ciekawostek o królestwie grzybów. Większość bohaterów grzybowych w moich filmach pochodzi z okolicznych lasów, czyli Śląsk i Małopolska. Życzę miłego oglądania. Pozdrawiam Paweł i Grzyby
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They talk about us... and that's good

AMA on GemPad on March 15th, 2024.

AMA on GemPad on March 15th, 2024.

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Summary of the Year 2023

The year 2023 was extremely intense and successful for us. Throughout the year, we worked on our Eden app which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and teach about wild
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The Green Marketplace – launching this summer!

This place can be compared to eBay, but it’s dedicated exclusively to natural, healthy products and local farmers. We are creating a sales platform within our app where companies, influencers,
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Eden gives the best from true pure nature. It is a natural source of goodness that is worth sharing: wild fruits, herbs, beneficial plants. This is a real… heaven on earth!

I am aware that there is a high risk associated with the operation of markets related to cryptocurrencies, in particular in terms of rapid price volatility in these markets, which may result in the loss of all means invested by you. In view of the above, I represent that any transaction I execute on the EDEN Platform is solely my free will, which is preceded by an independently performed analysis of the specific project.

I understand that electronic items are offered through the EDEN Platform, and therefore I acknowledge and accept that the right to withdraw from the contract in connection with any purchase has been excluded, therefore all transactions are final and there is no possibility of a refund.

I understand that the blockchain technology is a new technology and I accept all market and technological risks related to any transaction on the EDEN Platform