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Good is in our Nature

Eden create a map of wild edible plants around the world and reconnect people with nature.

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We match the biggest global trends

Sustainability and environment protection

Impact of social media

Technology and innovation ( A.I also)

Health and well-being

Green marketplace

We want Eden to be a leading green marketplace platform connecting farmers with local users, influencers, companies and health experts, allowing them to monetize.

We are attractive to our partners because they can expand their offer and develop their brand among Eden users.

How do we know about it? Because we are already establishing the first collaborations.

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AI plant recognition

You don’t have to know about edible plants. Take a snapshot and discover their health benefits.

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Nasze A.I pomoże użytkownikom rozpoznać gatunek rośliny na zdjęciu oraz wskazać benefity zdrowotne tej rośliny. Jednocześnie pomaga zarządzać bazą dodawanych na mapie roślin i weryfikować ich poprawne oznaczanie przez użytkowników.

Hundreds of people use our test version of Eden app

We have a ready and working product that will be launched na przełomie czerwca/lipca

Contact us and let's talk in detail