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Good is our nature

Unleash the true power of WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 integration. Earn crypto for actions in APP. Sell good and services on marketplace.

Take a picture

And point the location of the wild plant. Our AI will recognize whether it is real or not.

Get rewarded

With cryptocurrency, gaining valuable insights into the medicinal and culinary uses of these plants.

Create community

Focused on health in WEB2 with cutting-edge WEB3, AI and AR technologies, Eden is shaping the future of how we interact with nature.

Monetise edible plants

Reach new customers interested in health and sell your products/services to the Eden community.


Our offer is dedicated to

If you are an influencer in ECO segment, you can easely get an extra income in crypto.

EDEN Marketplace is a great place for You! If you create modern art, with plant based elements, you surely could find the appropriate audience for yourself!

Earn real money with EDEN Marketplace. Sell your goods and services, gain clients and get cashback.

Spiritual people, joga and other practics masters. You cal sell your services online.

Wild pharmacy is also a part of modern medicine. If you know how to cure with plants, or can help to contribute into our pharmacy base.